Sentre Case Study

Two Towers Owned by GE and Managed by Sentre Properties

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Results:  Reduced electrical energy consumption in dimming area by 60% from previous level, therefore, reducing energy costs.  Energy Resources provided the facility management group with a central control over lighting for both towers.  Tenants throughout the two towers received improved lighting when and where they needed it on an individual tenant basis.  This improved the value of the building and enhanced the rental opportunity by having a class “A” facility.

Project Review:  The lighting system in both facilities consists of an Energy Management software, and a low voltage cable system.  The project includes two separate towers owned by GE Capital and they are managed by Sentre Properties.  The towers are 20 and 22 stories respectively.  The EMS has each zone (168 total zones) on a “time of day” schedule that includes scheduled dimming for each zone for every 24-hour period.  This project also has “peak demand shedding” capabilities on a zone-by- zone basis as well as a global basis.  Each floor has four zones established with the based upon a North, South, East and West face of the building.  The two towers have more ambient light from the sun than is required by any of the tenants.  Based on this, the light level from the light fixtures for all zones has been reduced 40%-65%.  The total sq. ft. for these facilities is approximately 700,000.

“By reducing our energy costs through lighting management software and efficient electronic dimming ballasts, the lighting system saves us money every month and delivers quality comfortable lighting for our tenants.”

Don Pentico, Facilities Manager
San Diego Services