Zigbee Benefits
Incorporating lighting applications that follow Zigbee protocols is important in meeting your energy efficiency goals. Before we dive into the top reasons why, let’s define ZigBee.

What is ZigBee? ZigBee is a set of industry standards and protocols for wireless communication that allow products to communicate and work together. Zigbee stems from the nonprofit ZigBee Alliance which creates open wireless networking standards.

Top 3 Reasons for Using Lighting With Open Standards Protocols

  1. Larger selection of products to meet your goals. The ability to choose from a variety of manufacturers will ensure each facility’s specific needs for building automation and efficiency can be achieved.
  2. Cost savings. Installing lighting and wireless controls using ZigBee standards ensures interoperability between systems. A facility will not be stuck in paying increased and inflated rates often imposed by proprietary products.
  3. The Best Products for Your Project. Efficient ZibBee technology ensures very efficient power solutions, cost effective installation and low maintenance costs.

Wireless Controls Help Control Costs

Energy Resources is an authorized representative of market-leading innovators in next-generation commercial and industrial building automation.

Examples of benefits of wireless controls:

  • tremendous energy savings for commercial buildings, which improve over the life of the building
  • full-featured controls at a fraction of the cost and complexity of wired systems
  • choice of open-standards, interoperable controls products from trusted suppliers
  • advanced, enterprise-wide energy management strategies

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Project Example – Riverbend Office & Technology Center

We installed dimming T8 4 lamp ballasts, occupancy sensors and a low voltage cable system in the Riverbend warehouse. This reduced electrical energy consumption by 70% from the previous level.  At the current energy cost, Riverbend Office & Technology Center will save over $70,000 over the next five years.  The ROI for this project is less than 10 months.